Products for a clean sweep!

Products for Fireplaces and Stoves

We offer a wide range of cleaning, care and maintenance products for folks who burn wood for heat and for the ambiance.  Here are a few.
Break 'N' Burn Fire Starter Squares #22 (24 sq.) and #25 (144 sq.)
If there is a more economical AND effective fire starter available we have yet to see it.  A mixture of wood chips, recycled newsprint and paraffin that lights in under 1/10th of a second and burns for 10 minutes per square.  Will not flavor food with that disgusting petroleum flavor imparted by liquid charcoal lighter.  Because of its purity this is the choice of wood fired pizza oven owners everywhere.  Don't use newspapers that burn too fast and can send dangerous embers skyward.  Widely available, search the internet by our brand name or seek at your local fireplace and stove shop.

Are these the best, most economical fire starters made? Many think so!
Hearth Country Moisture Meter #360 - Available from fireplace shops in the U.S. and Canada or search internet for "A.W. Perkins Co. #360 Moisture Meter"
A.W. Perkins Firewood Moisture Meter
Great information from the EPA regarding the importance of checking your firewood's moisture level.
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Superlong Firewood Handling Gloves #275 - Use to handle several split pieces of firewood at once.  Also used by chimney sweeps when cleaning fireplace smoke chambers, thimbles, etc.  Long denim cuff covers and protects your clothing from splinters, soot etc.  One size available and is a "Large".  Doubled leather in critical areas.  
A.W. Perkins #275 Long Sweep & Firewood Handling Gloves

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